Research Seminars

Research Seminars in Person Perception

This is our colloquium for final years (BSc & MSc) and PhD students, staff members as well as students in our research-orientated small group courses. Apart from discussing research done within the department in Jena, this colloquium regularly features some “highlights” – talks by eminent scientists from other universities or institutions to present the current progress of their research. To see an abstract of each presentation, click on the talk title (where available).
Note that these research seminars took place until 2016. Since then, this programme has been continued by two new and more specialized seminar series. One of these focuses on voice research, and the other focuses on autism research.

Time: Tuesday, 14 – 16 (c.t.), Place: Am Steiger 3/EG, SR 009

Scheduled Talks

Summer 2016

05.07.2016 – Neural correlates of intentional and nonintentional voice learning, Denise Müller, Jena
21.06.2016 – Semantic priming and the perception of pain, Thomas Weiss and Sandra Preißler, Jena
14.06.2016 – Title tbc, Sarah Weigelt, Bochum
03.06.2016 – Title tbc, Lidiia Romanova, Jena (note that this presentation will take place at 10.00 s.t., in the Seminar Room in the JenTower, 18th floor!)
31.05.2016 – Neurocognitive markers of face perception and face recognition in both healthy and (prosop)agnosic individuals (abstract as .pdf), Ela I. Olivares, Madrid, Spain
24.05.2016 – Flexible goal imitation: Vicarious feedback moderates observational S-R-binding, Carina Giesen, Jena
17.05.2016 – Task effects on pupil responses to differentially attractive faces, Franziska Keller and Helene Kreysa, Jena
10.05.2016 – Relations between face learning skills and the use of shape and texture for the recognition of personally familiar faces, Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena
03.05.2016 – Social Perception of Human Body Movement (abstract as .pdf), Bernhard Fink, Göttingen
26.04.2016 – Natural Experiments in Psychology (abstract as .pdf), Olivier Morin, Jena

Winter 2015/2016

Abstracts available as pdf

08.02.2016 –  Synchronization of Nonverbal Behaviors in Dyadic Interactions, Uwe Altmann, Jena
02.02.2016 – Separating prediction error signals from repetition effects using ERPs, Daniel Feuerriegel, South Australia
01.02.2016 – Explicit and Implicit Judgments of Voice Attractiveness and Trustworthiness: A Pupillometry Study, Helene Kreysa, Jena
25.01.2016 – Using Change Blindness to Investigate Ancestral Priorities in Attention Capture, Géza Ambrus, Jena
18.01.2016 – Fast Responses in Emotional Stimulus Processing, Christian Dobel, Jena
11.01.2016 – Individual Differences in Familiar Voice Recognition and Autistic Traits, Verena G. Skuk, Jena
14.12.2015 – Psychopathology of the Social Brain: From Emotion Regulation to Empathy and Theory of Mind, Philipp Kanske, Leipzig
07.12.2015 – The Role of Human Faces in Crowdfunding Videos for the Success of the Project: An Experimental Study, Tigran Aydinyan, Jena
16.11.2015 – Implicit Perception of Voices in Patients with Auditory Hemineglect, Helge Schlüter, Hildesheim/Jena

Summer 2015

Abstracts available as pdf

12.07.2015 – Representation of learned faces: exemplar memory and mental averaging in good and poor face recognizers, Laura Broemer, Jena
06.07.2015 – Priming effects on implicit and explicit ToM processing, Constanze Mühl, Jena
29.06.2015 – In-group and out-group effects on visual perspective taking, Anne Grigutsch, Jena
22.06.2015 – Seeing individuals and seeing the crowd – ensemble encoding for sets of faces, Markus F. Neumann, Perth, Australia
15.06.2015 – Person perception and its determinants in children with autism spectrum disorder (abstract as .pdf), Louise Ewing, London, UK
08.06.2015 – Studying Face Perception with Adaptation Paradigms, Nadine Kloth, Perth, Australia
04.05.2015 – Social Preference in Preschoolers: Effects of Morphological Self-similarity and Familiarity (abstract as .pdf), Nadja Richter, Jena
27.04.2015 – Computational Neuroanatomy for the Analysis of Developmental and Aging Effects, Christian Gaser, Universitätsklinikum Jena

Winter 2014/2015

Abstracts available as pdf

09.02.2015 – Effects of caricatured shape or color on the perception of famous and unfamiliar faces, Marlena L. Itz, Jena
02.02.2015 – Evaluation of a face recognition training: Interim report, Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena
26.01.2015 – Acoustic cues to age perception in male and female voices, Verena G. Skuk, Jena
19.01.2015 – Recognition memory for faces of average attractiveness, Carolin S. Altmann, Jena
12.01.2015 – Social Cognition in dogs and apes – a comparative approach (abstract as .pdf), Juliane Bräuer, Leipzig/Jena
08.12.2014 – Neuroimaging of voice learning and recognition, Romi Zäske, Jena
01.12.2014 – Pupil responses to attractiveness judgements (abstract as .pdf), Helene Kreysa, Luise Kessler, Jena
24.11.2014 – The neurocognitive basis of belief reasoning (abstract as .pdf), Tobias Schuwerk, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
17.11.2014 – Towards a Mechanisitic Model of the Face Perception Network, Stefan Frässle und Andreas Jansen, Marburg, Germany
13.11.2014 – Making speech tangible, flexible tools for speech communication research based on interference-free representations (abstract as .pdf), Hideki Kawahara, Wakayama, Japan
10.11.2014 – Perceiving and producing human affective vocalizations (abstract as .pdf), Sascha Frühholz, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, Geneva, Switzerland

Winter 2013/2014

Abstracts available as pdf

03.02.2014 – The role of the fusiform face area (FFA) in expertiseMerim Bilalic, Tübingen/Klagenfurt
27.01.2014 – Novel insights into the face sensitive N250r, Stella J. Faerber, Jena
20.01.2014  – Recognizing instances and within-identity prototypes of newly learned faces, Jürgen Kaufmann, Jena
13.01.2014 – Distractor-response bindings: A means to dissociate bottom-up and top-down processes involved in automatic behavior regulation, Carina Giesen, Jena
06.01.2014  –Evidence for dominance of surface reflectance and tolerance for violations of shape in face matching and recognition, Marlena Itz, Jena
16.12.2013 – Prediction in perception, Erich Schröger, Leipzig
09.12.2013 – Episodic memory across the lifespan: The roles of strategic and associative components, Yee Lee Shing, Berlin
02.12.2013 – Within-person variability of attractiveness: an image analysis, Carolin Altmann, Jena
25.11.2013 – Methodological considerations for studies using pupillometry and eyetracking, Helene Kreysa, Jena
11.11.2013 – The role of within-person-variability in familiar and unfamiliar face identification, Sally Andrews, Aberdeen
04.11.2013 – Electrophysiological and neuroimaging studies of a congenital prosopagnosic family, Gyula Kovacs, Jena
28.10.2013 – The role of vocal tract resonance and fundamental frequency in voice gender adaptation, Verena Skuk, Jena
21.10.2013 – Understanding meaning and intentions in speech intonations, Daniela Sammler, Leipzig

Summer 2013

Abstracts available as pdf

01.07.2013 – Konfigurale Verarbeitung des eigenen und eines unbekannten Gesichts bei körperdysmorpher Störung – Eine EEG Studie zum Inversionseffekt, Franziska Krahmer, Jena
24.06.2013 – Pupillary responses to perceived gaze direction and facial attractiveness, Helene Kreysa, Jena
13.05.2013 – How many faces do people know (abstract.pdf), Rob Jenkins, York, UK
10.06.2013 – Dynamic interplay of attractiveness and typicality in face space, Stella J. Faerber, Jena 
06.05.2013 – Processing of Faces and Voices during Human Communication, Helen Blank, Leipzig
29.04.2013 – Own-group biases in face memory: Using ERPs to disentangle relative contributions of perceptual expertise and socio-cognitive factors, Holger Wiese, Jena

Winter 2012/2013

Abstracts available as pdf

04.02.2013 – Uncommonly typical: Attractiveness biases recognition memory for faces irrespective of distinctiveness – ERP evidence, Carolin Altmann, Jena
21.01.2013 – Asymmetric relationships in the processing of vocal age and gender (abstract .pdf), Romi Zäske, Jena
17.12.2011 – Effects of speaker gaze on language comprehension (abstract .pdf), Helene Kreysa, Jena/Bielefeld
10.12.2012 – Combined Own-Age and Own-Race biases in face memory in elderly participants, Jessica Komes, Jena
19.11.2012 – Individual differences and neuronal correlates of using internal and external features during face learning, Jan Ploetner, Jena
05.11.2012 – The perceptual priming of action of performanceMartin Edwards, Louvain

Summer 2012

Abstracts available as pdf

02.07.2012 – Competition for processing resources between emotional stimuli and foreground task in the human brain, Matthias M. Müller, Leipzig
25.06.2012 – Sex-specific differences in sound duration and perceived tempo (abstract.pdf), Adrian P. Simpson & Melanie Weirich, Jena
11.06.2012 – On why N250 is not related to face learing, Holger Wiese, FSU Jena
04.06.2012 – Retrieving contextual information about familiar names: Neural correlates of person-related source memory, Jessica Komes, Jena
21.05.2012 – ERP studies of face processing in developmental prosopagnosia: Neuropsychological and neurodevelopmental perspectives, Martin Eimer, London
07.05.2012 – The influence of action on perception in stroke and the influence of faces on saccadic programming, Monika Harvey, Glasgow

Winter 2011/2012

Abstracts available as pdf

30.01.2011 – Intra-Subject Variability in Attention- Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Specifying the Phenotype and its Electrocortical Correlates, Christoph Klein, Bangor/Freiburg
16.01.2011 – The influence of caricatured shape and texture on the acquisition of new face representations, Marlena Itz, Jena
19.12.2011 – Familiar voice identification, Verena G. Skuk, Jena
05.12.2011 – Identity averaging in famous face sets, Markus F. Neumann, Jena
28.11.2011 – Priming and adaption in familiar face perception, Christian Walther, Jena/Regensburg
09.11.2011 – The own-gender bias in face recognition memory, Nicole Wolff, Jena
07.11.2011 – Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand – Wahrnehmungsprozesse bei Körperdysmorpher Störung, Viktoria Ritter, Frankfurt/Erfurt

Summer 2011

04.07.2011 – Evolutionäre Ästhetik und Autonomie der Kunst, Christian Illies, Bamberg
27.06.2011 – Dynamics of Processing Emotional Words and Facial Expressions, Annekathrin Schacht, Göttingen
14.06.2011 – Individual differences in episodic memory, Grit Herzmann, Boulder, Colorado, USA
06.06.2011 – Determinants of children’s face processing, Gudrun Schwarzer, Giessen
30.05.2011 – Aspects of Colour Perception, Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena
19.05.2011 – III. Workshop on Person Perception, Various Presenters
16.05.2011 – Vögel und Emotionen: Active Appearance Models zur Analyse komplexer Bewegungen, Joachim Denzler, Jena
09.05.2011 – The Aims and Work of “Kleinkindforschung in Thüringen” at the University of Erfurt, David Buttelmann, Erfurt
02.05.2011 – ´Die schönen Dinge zeigen an, dass der Mensch in die Welt passe´ – Ein Darwin´scher Blick auf die Kant´sche Idee, Eckardt Volandt, Gießen
11.04.2011 – Neue Entwicklungen einer psychologischen Ästhetik, Helmut Leder, Vienna

Winter 2010/2011

Abstracts available as pdf

31.01.2011 – The own-age bias in more fine grained age groups, Nicole Wolff, Jena
17.01.2011 – The effects of distinctiveness and attractiveness on face learning, Claudia Schulz, Jena
10.01.2011 – Über die Adaptativität des ästhetischen Urteils, Claus-Christian Carbon, Universität Bamberg
06.12.2010 – Finding people in natural scenes, Dr. Markus Bindemann, Kent, UK
22.11.2010 – Zeitvariante Methoden der EEG(EP) Konnektivitäts- und Synchronisationsanalyse, Prof. Dr. Herbert Witte, Jena
08.11.2010 – Average representations in face processing, Markus F. Neumann, Jena
01.11.2010 – The role of attention in perceiving social information: Behavioral and electrophysiological studies, Tarik N. Mohamed, Jena
25.10.2010 – Initial meeting, Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

Summer 2010

Abstracts available as pdf

05.07.2010 – Finding people in natural scenes, Markus Bindemann, University of Essex, UK
28.06.2010 – Enhancing spatial distinctiveness in faces: A potential first step towards treating prosopagnosia?, Jürgen Kaufmann, Jena
21.06.2010 – Inverse mapping the neuronal correlates of face categorizations, Marie L. Smith, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK
14.06.2010 – Perceptual adaptation to vocal age, Romi Zäske, Jena
07.06.2010 – The Functional and Neural Bases of Social Attention Perception, Andy J. Calder, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, UK
17.05.2010 – The Own-Race Bias and ERPs – effects of ethnicity on face processing and recognition, Johanna Stahl, Jena
10.05.2010 – Age and ageing in face perception and memory: Initial findings, Holger Wiese, Jena
03.05.2010 – Selective visual attention: Are deaf individuals more susceptible to face and object distractors in the periphery?, Nadine Hauthal, Jena
26.04.2010 – Neuronal correlates of auditory adaptation to speaker identity, Christian Walther, Jena

Winter 2009/2010

Abstracts available as pdf

25.01.2010 – Processing Facial Age, Holger Wiese, Jena
18.01.2010 – How Automatic is the Processing of Emotional Facial Expressions?, Werner Sommer, Berlin
11.01.2010 – Unconscious Motivation and Adaptation of Goals and Experiences, Henk Aarts, Utrecht, Niederlande
14.12.2009 – Neuronal Correlates of Audiotactile Illusions — an fMRI Study, Steffi Schuldt, Magdeburg
30.11.2009 – Body in Mind – Die Wahrnehmung des eigenen Körpers, Michael Schäfer, Magdeburg
23.11.2009 – Voice Aftereffects of Adaptation to Speaker Identity, Romi Zäske, Jena
19.10.2009 – The role of eyes and configuration in face perception and learning assessed by eye movement monitoring, Roxane J. Itier, Waterloo, Canada
23.09.2009 – Exploratory research tools for speech perception: TANDEM-STRAIGHT, morphing and new GUI, Hideki Kawahara, Wakayama, Japan

Summer 2009

Abstracts available as pdf

04.05.2009 – Automatic response activation in sequential affective priming: An LRP-study, Andreas B. Eder, Jena

Winter 2008/2009

Abstracts available as pdf

09.02.2009 – Menschen mögen Experten sein, aber nicht im Erkennen von nicht-persönlich vertrauten Gesichtern, Claus-Christian Carbon, Bamberg/Wien
02.02.2009 – The influence of attentional selectivity and perceptual load on living and non-living object processing: Behavioural and neural correlates, Tarik Mohamed Abdelrheem, Jena
19.01.2009 – Modulation of ERP-correlates in the perception own- and other-race faces, Johanna Stahl, Jena
12.01.2009 – Young without plastic surgery: Perceptual adaptation to facial age, Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena
15.12.2008 – Neural correlates of perceptual adaptation to voice gender, Romi Zäske, Jena
08.12.2008 – Unforgettable faces: influences of caricaturing on face learning and recognition, Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena
04.12.2008 – “The role of attention and awareness in face repetition priming: evidence from fMRI, EEG and MEG”, Rik Henson, Cambridge
24.11.2008 – Categorical and associative priming in person recognition are mediated by different processes: Evidence from masked priming, Holger Wiese, Jena
10.11.2008 – Top-down modulation of masked priming by task sets, Ulla Martens, Ulm
03.11.2008 – Audiovisual integration for person identification, David Robertson, Jena
20.10.2008 – Initial meetingStefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

Summer 2008

Abstracts available as pdf

14.07.2008 – To see or to hear – that is the question! Influences of visual and auditory cues on social categorization, Tamara Rakic, Jena
07.07.2008 – Individual differences in face cognition: Using ERPs to determine relationships between neurocognitive and behavioral indicators, Grit Herzmann, Berlin
30.06.2008 – Adaptation in face perception, Nadine Kloth, Jena
23.06.2008 – Traurige Gesichter: Ein besonderer Reiz für Depressive?, Eva-Maria Pfütze, Bochum
16.06.2008 – Faces you don’t forget: ERP correlates of learning caricatures, Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena
02.06.2008 – Integration and Segregation of auditory-visual signals, Matthias Gondan, Regensburg
26.05.2008 – Integration of human faces and voices: An event-related potential study of person identity priming, Julia Föcker, Hamburg
19.05.2008 – Neural correlates of the integration of gestures and speech, Henning Holle, Jena
06.05.2008 – Die Wahrnehmung vertrauter und unbekannter Menschen, Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

Winter 2007/2008

Abstracts available as pdf

04.02.2008 – Attentional influences on early repetition effects in ERPs, Markus Neumann, Jena
28.01.2008 – The comprehension of co-speech iconic gestures: Electrophysiological, behavioral and neuroimaging studies, Henning Holle, Jena/Leipzig
14.01.2008 – Semantic priming in person recognition, Holger Wiese, Jena
07.01.2008 – Are spatial caricatures special? An ERP study, Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena
17.12.2007 – Neuropsychology and MRI – functional and morphometric imaging, Volkmar Glauche, Freiburg
10.12.2007 – Hemispheric Asymmetries in the Attentional Blink, Antje Holländer, Leipzig
03.12.2007 – High-level auditory adaptation, Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena
19.11.2007 – Accounting for phonetic differences between male and female voices, Adrian P. Simpson, Jena
12.11.2007 – Verbesserung von visuospatialem Neglect durch Prismenadaptation, Thomas Klos, Erlangen
05.11.2007 – Rational imitation in 12-month-old infants in a social playing context, Christiane Schwier, Chemnitz/Jena
29.10.2007 – Initial meeting, Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena

Summer 2007

Abstracts available as pdf

16.07.2007 – Gender Stereotypes and Gender Attitudes, Melanie Steffens, Jena
25.06.2007 – Recognizing Famous Faces and Buildings: An ERP-Analysis of Repetition Priming, Friederike Engst, Dresden
18.06.2007 – The Age of the Beholder: ERP Evidence for a Perceptual Learning Account to the Own-Age Bias in Face Memory, Holger Wiese, Jena
11.06.2007 – Face and Race: Evidence for expertise-dependent influences on recognition memory for own- and other-race faces, Johanna Stahl, Jena
05.06.2007 – Face on! The electrophysiological correlates of facial adaptation, Gyula Kovács, Budapest
04.06.2007 – Dual pathway hypotheses for perception and action: A critical view, Volker Franz, Giessen
21.05.2007 – How abstract are familiar face representations? Evidence for an influence of emotional expressions on face identity recognition, Jürgen Kaufmann, Jena

Winter 2006/2007

Abstracts available as pdf

29.02.2007 – Effects of attentional load on explicit and implicit memory for voices, Romi Zäske, Jena/Leipzig
22.02.2007 – Neural correlates of face learning, Jürgen Kaufmann, Jena
15.01.2007 – Face adaptation, Nadine Kloth, Jena
08.01.2007 – Phonological and auditory processing in dyslexia as studied with EEG and fMRI, Mireille Trautmann, Jena
04.12.2006 – Faces in the mind: Featural and configural face representations in perception and imagery, Janek Lobmaier, Zurich
27.11.2006 – Attentional deficits in neurodegenerative diseases: Assessment based on a “theory of visual attention”, Dr. Peter Bublak, Jena
20.11.2006 – The role of categories for person perception: Accessing semantic information about familiar and unfamiliar people, Holger Wiese, Jena
13.11.2006 – Semantic knowledge shapes the perception and identification of faces and objects, Rasha Abdel Rahman, Berlin
06.11.2006 – Audiovisual Integration in the recognition of familiar voices, David Robertson, Jena

Winter 2005/2006

Abstracts available as pdf

16.02.2006 – Brain activation to threat-related stimuli, Thomas Straube, Jena
09.02.2006 – Kognitive and neuronale Aspekte der kongenitalen Prosopagnosie, Christian Dobel, Münster
02.02.2006 – Conceptual object representations in the sensory and motor systems, Markus Kiefer, Ulm
19.01.2006 – Language perception under task load, Werner Sommer, Berlin
12.01.2006 – Problems with dividing the realm of psychological processes, Jan De Houwer, Gent
08.12.2005 – Functional brain correlates of processing deficits in dyslexia, Carolin Ligges, Jena
01.12.2005 – False recognition, Holger Wiese, Jena
24.11.2005 – Cross-modal priming in person recognition, Jürgen M. Kaufmann, Jena
03.11.2005 – General Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience – Initial Meeting, Stefan R. Schweinberger, Jena