Research Projects of the 2nd Funding Period (2012-2015)

Research Projects of the 1st Funding Period (2009-2012)

  1. The role of temporal context in face recognition, G. Kovács
  2. Face learning, J.M. Kaufmann
  3. Voice perception, S.R. Schweinberger
  4. Interactions of visual and auditory information in gender and ethnicity perception, M.C. Steffens
  5. Neural mechanisms of processing emotional information from faces and voices under attentional load, T. Straube, W.H.R. Miltner
  6. Effects of age and ageing on face memory and perception, H. Wiese

Labs of the Research Unit

  • Behavioural Lab
  • 64-channel EEG Lab
  • High Resolution Eyetracker
  • 3D-Camera System
  • Audio-Visual Lab

Collaborative Research Facilities

Scientific Network

  • Pascal Belin, Glasgow, UK
  • Markus Bindemann, Kent, UK
  • Vicki Bruce, Newcastle, UK
  • Howard Giles, Santa Barbara, USA
  • Monika Harvey, Glasgow, UK
  • Rik Henson, Cambridge, UK
  • Roxane J. Itier, Waterloo, Canada
  • Markus Kiefer, Ulm, Germany
  • Steve Langton, Stirling, UK
  • Michal Lavidor, Bar-Ilan, Israel
  • Hartmut Leuthold, Tübingen, Germany
  • Rasha Abdel Rahman, Berlin, Germany
  • Werner Sommer, Berlin, Germany
  • Herbert Witte, Jena, Germany