Research Seminars

Research Seminars: Current Topics in Autism Research

This is our colloquium for final years (BSc & MSc) and PhD students, staff members as well as students in our research-orientated small group courses. Apart from discussing research done within the department in Jena, this colloquium regularly features some “highlights” – talks by eminent scientists from other universities or institutions to present the current progress of their research. To see an abstract of each presentation, click on the talk title (where available).

Time: Friday, 9.00 – 12.00 (s.t.) or to be announced
Place: JenTower, 18th floor, Seminar Room

Scheduled Talks

14.10.2016 – Emotion regulation in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Claudia Menzel

18.11. 2016 – Learning mechanisms in ASD. Katharina Limbach

time and location to be confirmed – Christmas Special – Non Scientific Event on ASD.

13.01.2017 – Auditory processing and voice processing in ASD. Romi Zäske

17.02.2017 – Romantic relationships among adults with ASD. Catarina Amado

20.05.2016 – Autism research with autistic traits in the general population. Carina Giesen

17.06.2016 – Genetics in ASD. Christoph Redies

15.07.2016 – The extreme male brain hypothesis of ASD. Gregor Hayn-Leichsenring

19.08.2016 – Autism and Creativity. Marlena Itz

16.09.2016 – The intense world theory of autism. Catarina Amado

30.10.2015 – Predictive Coding in ASD. Christoph Redies

27.11. 2015 – Broken Mirror Neuron Theory in ASD. Katharina Limbach

15.01.2016 – Gender Differences in ASD & Person Perception in ASD. Dana Schneider & Stefan Schweinberger

19.02.2016 – Autism in Adulthood. Gregor Hayn-Leichsenring & Claudia Menzel

18.03.2016 – A duet for one. Sychrony in Dual Interactions  & WGAS 2016 report. Helene Kreysa & Verena Skuk

17.04.2015 – Antioxidant treatment in ASD & WGAS 2015 news. Dana Schneider & Jürgen Kaufmann

10.07.2015 – Mouse models in ASD. Gregor Hain-Leichsenring

07.08.2015 – Eye Contact in Children with ASD. Helene Kreysa

18.09.2015 – Social Motivation in ASD. Carina Giesen