Workshops & Meetings

Integrating Cognitive, Neuroscientific, and Social Approaches to Person Perception: Current Status and Future Perspectives

Confirmed external contributors:

Rob Jenkins (Glasgow, UK)

Viola Macchi Cassia (Milan, Italy)

Zoltan Vidnyanszky (Budapest, Hungary)

Michal Lavidor (Bar-Ilan, Israel)

Discussant: A. Mike Burton (Aberdeen, UK)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

09.00: Welcome

09.30: Lecture ET1. “Telling People Apart and Telling People Together” – Rob Jenkins (Glasgow)

10.00: Presentation P1. “Priming and Adaptation in Familiar Face Perception” – Christian Walther (Jena/Regensburg)

10.30: Presentation P2. “Effects of Manipulated Distinctiveness on Face Learning” – Claudia Schulz (Jena)

11.00 – 11.30: Coffee Break

11.30: Presentation P3. “I’ve changed my mind” ­ combining looks and accents in impression formation” – Karolina Hansen (Jena)

12.00: Lecture ET2. “The Effect of Noise on Face Processing” – Zoltan Vidnyanszky (Budapest)

12.30 – 14.00: Lunch Break

14.00: Presentation P4. “Influences of Fundamental Frequency, Formant Frequencies, Aperiodicity and Spectral Level Information on the Perception of Gender in Voices” – Verena G. Skuk (Jena)

14.30: Lecture ET3. Person categorization and person individuation: different networks in the two cerebral hemispheres – Michal Lavidor (Bar-Ilan, Israel)

15.00: Presentation P5. “Effects of crossmodal distraction on brain activation to emotional prosody” – Martin Mothes-Lasch (Jena)

15.30 – 16.00: Coffee Break

16.00: Presentation P6. ” Neural correlates of cognitive aging in face memory: An ERP study on the own-age bias in four consecutive age groups” – Nicole Wolff (Jena)

16.30: Lecture ET4. ” Effects of experience on age biases in face processing across development ” – Viola Macchi Cassia (Milan)

17.00 – 17.15: Short Coffee Break

17.15 – 19.15: Poster Session

Friday, May 20, 2011

09.00 – 12.00: PPRU Research Projects Scientific Discussion

The purpose of this PPRU-internal Scientific Discussion is to promote interaction between individual projects of the unit. The points for consideration will be rather “open”, but we ask all PIs and researchers from individual projects to prepare a number of points you would like to discuss, that would improve cross-project interaction and synergies within the research unit. We will also assess our current theoretical progress relative to the plans outlined in the original research unit proposal, and particularly with respect to the development of an integrated theory of person perception.

12.00 – 13.30: Lunch Break

13.30 – 15.30: PPRU Strategic Discussion: Lining up for the Second Funding Period

By the end of 2011 we will have to approach the finalizing stage of proposals for the second funding period, in the interest of a smooth continuation of the research unit and its projects. The strategic discussion will involve (1) plans and options to continue existing projects, (2) plans and options to incorporate further projects within the Institue of Psychology in Jena, (3) plans and options to incorporate further projects from other disciplines and/or locations to the PPRU, and (4) the relationship and coordination of the PPRU with other large topically related research initiatives in Jena and elsewhere.

15.30: End of Workshop / Concluding Social Event

There may be an informal concluding social event for everyone involved in this workshop, depending on weather. We hope you consider participating, and would ask you to reserve some time on Friday afternoon/evening.

Note : For enquiries and directions please contact Mrs Kathrin Wiese, Person Perception Research Unit Coordinator, Department of Psychology, Am Steiger 3/1, 07743 Jena, Germany. Tel. +49 (0)3641 945180. Fax +49 (0)3641 945182. E-mail: